COVID Terms and Conditions

Resumption of Sunday morning services

By ticking this box and registering either as an individual or on behalf of your household, you agree that:
  • You have read and will follow the procedures and protocols provided by the church on attending services, see appended below.
  • If you have been infected with COVID, you confirm that you have remained in quarantine for the required period of time under state regulations. If in any doubt, you will contact your doctor for guidance before attending.
  • If you have travelled abroad and are required by state regulations to remain in quarantine on arrival in Dublin, you confirm that you have followed these regulations.
  • In supplying your contact details (or the contact details of your household) at registration, you understand that this information will be retained for contact tracing as needed.

Procedures and Protocols for attending Sunday morning services at Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church during the COVID restrictions

Please find below some details about protocols and procedures for the resumption of church services on Sunday mornings to begin at 11am on the 16th May 2020. These have been drawn up following the guidelines provided by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the regulations determined by the state. Please do read these protocols and procedures carefully. Please contact the minister or your elder with any queries or concerns that arise.
  1. Please note that church services will continue to be accessible online.
  2. To attend church on any Sunday, you must register in advance via the church website by the preceding Thursday at 5pm. To register, please follow the link at Please note that the number of people able to be seated will be no more than fifty. You will need to register each week you wish to attend. To register you will need to supply your name, email address and number of your household attending. This information will be used to allocate seating in advance of the service. It will also be retained for contact tracing as needed.
  3. Before deciding to attend church, please seek appropriate advice if you are vulnerable to infection, have underlying health conditions, or are shielding according to state regulations.
  4. No-one should attend a church service if they feel unwell, have a cough, sore throat, cold, or any symptoms of viral infection, including a temperature, or loss of taste or smell. You are strongly urged to err on the side of caution and not to attend with even the most minor symptoms of ill-health.
  5. If you feel unwell during the service, please signal at once the need for assistance to the person on duty at the door when you arrived.
  6. If anyone has been infected with COVID, before registering to attend church they must confirm that they have remained in quarantine for the required period of time under state regulations. This confirmation can be made at registration.
  7. If anyone has travelled abroad and are required by state regulations to remain in quarantine on arrival in Dublin, they should confirm that they have followed these regulations at registration.
  8. On Sunday morning, please do not turn up either very early or after the beginning of the service. It will take time to seat everyone and you may need to wait a little while outside the building. During this time, please observe social distancing protocols.
  9. Please note that you will be shown to allocated seats at the required social distance from other individuals and households.
  10. You should wear a mask inside the church building and on church grounds. Some masks will be available for anyone who happens to forget (you should take this mask home with you).
  11. You will be asked to use hand-sanitiser on entering the church. You should not wear gloves both to allow you to use hand-sanitiser and noting that gloves can contaminate when continuously worn.
  12. If parents/ carers bring children to church, they must register all children attending. Parents/ carers should remain with their children. Children cannot move around the building during the service. There will be no crèche or Sunday School. Children who are over thirteen years old must wear a mask.
  13. Please note that access will be limited to the Donore room and foyer of the church building. There will be no access to the lifts or to other areas or facilities in the church building.
  14. There will be no Bibles available in the Donore room. Please bring your Bible with you.
  15. Please keep everything with you that you bring to church (coats, umbrellas etc).
  16. While music will be played at certain points of the service, please note that in keeping with PCI protocols you should not sing during the service.
  17. Once seated, you should remain in your allocated place. Please do not move around the Donore room during the service.
  18. You should expect the service to last for around forty-five minutes (following PCI guidelines).
  19. At the end of the service, guidance will be offered to leave the building while observing social distancing protocols.
  20. There will be ‘emergency’ access to only one toilet in the foyer.
  21. There will be no tea or coffee provided after the service.
  22. Please note that the church building will be cleaned prior to the service.